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When you are deciding on your style of fence, an important detail to keep in mind is which grade will best suite your yard. Grade refers to the way the fence rises and falls with the landscape.

There are three choices:

Stepped: In this design, the panels step up hills or over curves.

Airline: The panels rise and fall over the terrain at a straight angle and maintain a fairly level line across the tops of the boards from point A to point B.


Contour: This one is similar to airline, but the lines are not as straight. The fence line basically rolls with the rise and fall of the ground.


Estate Style

This design showcases a flush outer exterior broken up by posts down the line. Inside, rails are placed near the top and bottom to add stability, but are invisible from the outside.

Panel Style

This style provides the same appearance on both sides of the fence. Rails are placed across the top and bottom of the boards along with decorative top caps and trim boards.

Solid Style

Neither posts nor rails can be seen on the outside of this fence. An uninterrupted line of boards stretches as far as the fence line runs with supporting posts and rails hidden inside.

Pictured is Dog-Eared Style, evident by the slightly rounded tops of the boards, but Flat Top Boards are available as well.

Split Rail

This decorative style has thick, split cedar beams running through the posts. The ends have holes bored only halfway through to prevent the rails from sticking out and you can choose either 2 or 3 rails for your design.

Shadow Board

A good neighbor style fence, this design looks the same on both sides. Rails are placed at the top and bottom between the boards to create a little space and that shadow effect this fence derives its name from.


If you wish to get away from vertical board designs, we offer a variety of horizontal options including the pictured panel style.


This design looks like a cross between the panel and shadow board styles. What makes it unique is the boards are installed to overlap each other without the interference of a rail between them in order to prevent gaps.

Wood and Wire Style

More commonly known as ‘Hog-wire’ fence, the panels of this style are constructed out of wire mesh attached to wood frames.


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