Thank you for choosing Fence Specialists!

We are excited to work with you on your upcoming fence project. Before getting started, please review the new client process below.

Before We Begin

We require a signed contract and a 30% down payment (or full approval for financing), before we can schedule any work to be done. We have a scheduling meeting every Wednesday morning. Once we have received your down payment and signed contract you will be scheduled at the next meeting.

Locate Service

There could be utility lines that run underground through your property. We do our best to avoid hitting those. By law, we will call 811 and schedule to have your property located prior to beginning work. However, it is standard for the utility locators to only locate from the road to the meter. This type of locate doesn’t find everything. It is important to know that there can be lines that run beyond the meter through the area where you are fencing. Those lines would NOT be discovered or marked out by the 811 locator. Sprinklers, irrigation, private storm drains and side sewers are unable to be located. Fence Specialists is NOT responsible for hitting any utility lines that are not located or are incorrectly located. There is a private locate company that can be called in for an additional charge. This company would come in and attempt to locate all of the private utility lines within the property that are on the ‘private’ side of the meter. This is NOT free. There is a fee for this based on the address and time it takes the locator to do the work. If you wish to have a more in-depth utility locate done please let your Project Manager know and they can arrange for that additional work.

Installation Schedule

This is one of the most important things to understand. Often customers take time off work or arrange their schedule to be home when we are to arrive. We do our best to stay on schedule. However, things can go wrong on jobs from time to time, even last minute. Jobs can last longer than expected, materials can be delayed, and employees get sick. Alternatively, things may wokr out that we could begin sooner than expected. We will attempt to keep you informed of any schedule changes. It is not necessary for you to be present while the work is being done. We understand that taking time off and arranging schedules is difficult and costly, therefore we advise against it. If you have concerns that things will not be done the way you wish, you should address those thoroughly with your Sales/Project manager. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for any time taken off work, time dogs are boarded at a kennel, or any similar expense that you incur while we are working on your project. Please call or email your project manager with any questions or concerns.


We use the best wood we can find. But even the best wood warps, twists, splits, fades, cracks, etc. Gates can go out of adjustment, and may need to be re-built. As you know, living in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of rain, which doesn’t help. Therefore we cannot warranty the wood. We warranty our labor (how deep the post holes are dug, how well things are nailed together, etc.) for one year, but no the wood.