The intricate beauty of ornamental iron.

Ornamental Iron Fence

Ornamental Iron (also known to us as OI) is a steel product with a small fraction of pure iron mixed in. Unlike the 100% pure iron, hand-crafted bars forged in Smitheries a hundred years ago, OI is now mass-produced by factory machine. This makes OI quicker to order and cheaper to buy. We sell and install three standard styles of OI: Classic, Majestic, and Genesis (pictured below).


This is the most traditional style of OI since its tops press into spear-like points. Residential Classic can be ordered in heights of 3’, 3 ½’, 4’, 5’, and 6’, while Commercial OI offers options of 7’ and 8’ as well. Standard walk gates are orderable in widths of 48” and 72” and heights of 3’, 3 ½’, 4’, 5’, and 6’. Double swing gates come in widths of 8’ and 12’ with the same height options.


This is a more modern fence style with a smooth surface running across the tops of the vertical bars. Gates and panels are orderable in the same sizes listed above under Classic.


This style is customizable thanks to its plain picket tops. The lack of pre-designed decoration allows you to choose any style of finial you want to adorn your panel with. Finials are decorative caps. (See picture below). Panels and gates are available in the same widths and heights as the previous two styles.

Note: Attached below is the OI brochure for the Montage brand we sell. Please note that the two styles Warrior and Crescent are no longer available for purchase. Also, Fence Specialists has our very own gate shop where we can build any custom size gate desired.