Chain Link Fences



Means silver colored chain link. We install residential as well as commercial fencing, and sell parts and pieces separate for the DIYers


You can order your vinyl coated chain link in any color you desire. Yes, even hot pink. The most commonly installed colors are Black, Green, and Brown. Purchasing materials for self-installation is an option as well.

Slatted Chain Link

Fence Specialists sells and installs pre-slatted chain link as well as sells the slats separately. There are 9 colors available: Light blue, Dark Blue, Green, Beige, Black, White, Silver, Brown, and Red.


Sometimes referred to as “mini” mesh, the diamond widths on this style are readily available in 1 inch and 1 ¼ inch at our shop. Mesh as small as ½ inch is available to order. Standard chain link is 2 inch mesh.


Material Steel Aluminum
Finish Galv Aluminum
Note: Galvanized coating comes in two thicknesses: 1.2 ounce is the regular coating and 2 ounce is the extra thick coating.
Gauge Diamond Width
6ga 3 ½ in.
8ga 2 ½ in.
9ga 2 in.
11ga 1 ¾ in.
12 ½ ga 1 ½ in.
1 ¼ in.
1 in.
¾ in.
½ in.
The wire thickness shrinks as the gauge increases. Slatlink, or Staple Lock, fencing only comes in the 3 ½ in. mesh.
3 ft. 7 ft.
3 ½ ft. or 42 in. 8 ft.
4 ft. 10 ft.
5 ft. 12 ft.
6 ft. 14 ft.
Note: “Tennis Court” fencing comes only in heights of 10 ft. and 12 ft., 1 ¾ in. mesh, and 11 ga. and 9 ga.