The Many Designs of Ornamental Iron

If you wish to install a grander style of fence, Ornamental Iron (OI) may be the material you seek. Fence Specialists sells and installs two brands of OI: Montage and Fortress. Both provide a variety of designs that will spruce up any yard and elegantly fit to your...

SimTek: What is it?

By: Alicia Schnell With all the different types, materials, and designs of fencing to choose from, it can get a bit confusing. SimTek is one of the newest materials on the market with little understanding of what it is. So I’ll tell you. SimTek is made from...

Trex vs Vinyl

By: Alicia Schnell Most people believe Trex fencing is the same as Vinyl. It is not. Trex fencing is composite fence, which means it is made up of various materials. Where Vinyl fencing is 100% plastic, Trex fencing is created from a combination of recycled wood and...

It’s Not Wrought Anymore

By: Alicia Schnell             Ever since the introduction of steel, pure iron products are on the decline. Today, if Iron fencing is the look you seek, Ornamental Iron is the product you’ll get. That’s not to say...

Chain Link: Gauges and Posts

By: Alicia Schnell             Are you ready to learn a little fence lingo? When you purchase materials at Fence Specialists, we will ask which gauge of chain link you want and whether you are interested in PF 10,...

Vinyl, an Introduction

Are you ready to become acquainted with one of fencing’s “newest” materials: vinyl? Vinyl was first introduced in the 1980s. It has yet to become the number one product choice due to its biggest competitor, wood. Wood is still holding steady in the lime-light. Most...

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