Our history

In 1969, there was no South Hill Mall, Meridian was a two lane road. In fact, there wasn’t even a Tacoma Mall. Sears and Woolworths were in downtown Tacoma. People in Lakewood shopped at Montgomery Wards in the “Villa Plaza”. People watched movies at the Rialto in downtown Tacoma, and more people rode the train than flew on airplanes. Muscle Cars were rolling off the assembly lines.

It was during this year that young, bright, hardworking, Fred O. Walden contracted his first fence job. He quickly realized a business opportunity and took off with it. With help from local friends he gained some valuable employees and built a business on “Reputation”. Fifty-one years later, that reputation is as solid as ever.

The company’s home has always been in the “Midland” area of Pierce County (currently on Golden Given Rd and Hwy 512). Fred retired from owning Fence Specialists in 2004 and turned the keys over to some old friends in the fence business that also know what reputation is about. Being manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, they are uniquely positioned to offer the best selection of fence products and the fairest prices on the market. Without question, there is no greater pool of reliable fencing experience on the planet. Long standing and charter members of the American Fence Association, they hold high the banner of business integrity, ethics, and professionalism. This can be explained by the company philosophy expressed by General Manager Herman Hardtke:

“We pride ourselves in having a company that every employee is happy to work for, and every customer is glad they do business with us”

The company is made up of outstanding professionals in all aspects. You will not find a dissatisfied customer, because there simply isn’t one. Business is growing yearly despite a decrease in advertising. In fact, over 60% of all business is by repeat customers. Recently we had the honor of replacing a wood fence for Lakewood resident who had originally bought his fence from Fence Specialists in 1973, and was so pleased to find the same phone number still worked!!

Currently the company runs a diverse mix of all types of fences.


Merry Christmas from Fence Specialists! Helping Hand House

Merry Christmas from Fence Specialists! Helping Hand House

It’s hard to believe the holidays are here again, but all of us at Fence Specialists are ready to celebrate! To kick off the season right, we merrily spread some holiday cheer this year through Helping Hand House (HHH). This wonderful, non-profit organization strives...

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Welcome Back Misty!

Fence Specialists is proud to announce the rejoining of Misty to our administrative team. Misty started back in August 2009 with us and being gone for 6 months, she is back to providing you the best fence solutions available in Tacoma!

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