Chain link is one of the most cost effective, long-lasting materials on the market, but it lacks privacy. So, what can you do? Install screens or slats of course! If you are here from our article detailing all things slats, welcome and thank you for following the link to learn about screens. If you are here and wondering “what are slats?” or “what link?”, no worries. At the bottom of this article, please feel free to click the link that will guide you into the world of slats, which are a colorful alternative to screens.


There are two brands of screens available to order through Fence Specialists: Elite Knit and Signature Woven. If neither of these will meet your needs, there are even more options on our supplier’s, CI Fabrics, website:

Elite Knit

This style is not as popular as the Signature Woven, but nevertheless, Elite Knit does offer decent coverage. The screen material is polyethylene fabric and color options are green, beige, blue, black, and brown. There are only two heights to choose from, 5 feet 8 inch and 7 feet 8 inch, and the screens come in 50 foot rolls. According to the CI Fabrics website, custom sizes are available for purchase as well. While there is not an approximate percent of coverage, Elite Knit seems to do an adequate job of preventing prying eyes from seeing clearly into their enclosed spaces.

Name Height Length Colors
Elite Knit 5’8” & 7’8” 50’ Green, Beige, Blue, Black & Brown

Signature Woven

This style is more popular than Elite Knit thanks to its higher quality of coverage. Like Elite Knit, Signature Woven screens are polyethylene fabric, and the heights are 5 foot 8 inch and 7 foot 8 inch. Unlike Elite Woven, screen lengths are custom made to customer preference and the only colors available for purchase are green or black. Signature Woven has actual sight block percentages that vary depending on the color: 85% in green, 90% in green or black, and 96% in green or black. The 90% coverage is unique because of its “open mesh” design, which means the solid screening is broken up by thin lines of open-mesh fabric. 85% and 96% are “closed mesh,” which means the screens are solid without any break in the material. If you look at the picture shown above, the four samples on the left are examples of “closed mesh” and the sample on the right is “open mesh.”

Name Height Length Colors Coverage
Signature Woven 5’ 8” & 7’ 8” Custom Green & Black 85% – closed
90% – open
96% – closed

Screens are an easy-to-install option that add varying degrees of privacy to chain link fences. If you are interested to learn more or would like to get a price quote, please call our office at 253-531-5452 to speak with a Fence Specialist.

If you are curious about slats, take the plunge and follow the link below!

How to add Privacy to your Chain Link Fence – Slats

– Alicia Schnell