Fence Specialists is a unique operation offering a variety of services both in retail and installation. Our gate shop is one very busy corner of our industry that specializes in welding, fabricating, and covering two types of gates.

The shop can weld and fabricate just about any frame both in stock (3’x4’, 3’x5’, 3’x6’, 4’x4’, 4’x5’, and 4’x6’ walk gates) and non-standard sizes fitted for single swing, double drive (this means there are two panels in one opening), and rolling gates. Sometimes rolling gates are also referred to as slide gates. The shop also produces plated and lag posts upon request. Our welders fabricate frames comprised of galvanized and powder coated pipe as well as Ornamental Iron tube in square and arched designs. You can order just about any color of pipe you want, but the most commonly selected are black, brown, and green. Our guys also fabricate gates specially fitted for automation in rolling, double drive, and cantilever styles. Cantilever gates are rolling gates supported by wheels when open and hangs suspended over the ground with the tail end holding the gate level when closed. Our welders use “mig welding” to weld the frames. “Mig welding” is a method that feeds wire through a special gun that fires it out at adjustable speeds and heat (the range is 10-20,000 degrees) to meld the metal together.

In our shop, the welders cover frames with chain link material turning basic frames into actual gates. They only cover frames with chain link, so if you are interested in creating a wood gate on a metal frame, we can certainly weld the frame for you, but you will have to attach the wood yourself.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to call our office and ask for a member of our sales staff. They can tell you all about our process, materials, and the shop’s lead time on projects.