If you wish to install a grander style of fence, Ornamental Iron (OI) may be the material you seek. Fence Specialists sells and installs two brands of OI: Montage and Fortress. Both provide a variety of designs that will spruce up any yard and elegantly fit to your taste.

Montage boasts five designs that all offer 2-rail and 3-rail panels with matching walk/swing gates:

Classic: Taking its name from the traditional style of wrought iron fence, the pickets of this old-time look lengthen up above the top rail and press into flattened arrow-like points.

Majestic: This elegantly named design takes on a modern twist with a flat, smooth top across the pickets creating a bolder, more defined look to your yard.

Genesis: Like the book of the Bible that started it all, the Genesis panels’ pickets lengthen like the Classic above the top rail, but are square instead of spear-shaped. This creates a foundation for you to customize your fence from a small variety of finials. If you are unfamiliar with fence terms, finials are decorative caps you can adorn the top of your iron pickets with.

Warrior: A fierce name for a fierce-looking fence. The pickets in this style stretch above the top rail in alternating heights pressing into arrow-pointed tips.

Crescent: A softer shape adorns the top of this design as some of the iron pickets curve like a crescent moon over an arrow-pointed picket, repeating down the line.
Fortress brand is going to get the short end of the stick in this article simply because they provide very similar designs with lackluster names. They offer “Flat Top”, which is the same as Montage’s “Majestic”, “Pressed Spear” i.e. Montage’s “Classic”, and “Extended Picket” also known to Montage as “Genesis”. And of course, they offer 2 and 3-rail panels with matching gates for each design.

Both brands provide a special pool/playground fence option. These panels come with 3 inch “airspace” between the pickets which help keep small pets and children just a little bit safer around those sensitive areas of your yard. Each brand’s panels are also rakeable. This means that the fence can be slanted to curve with the ground rather than stair-stepping the panels up a hill. Keep in mind, however, there is a limit to how steep the fence can be raked. Both also offer within each style described a choice to run a bottom rail flush along the ground rather than leaving the pickets hanging freely. Each manufacturer also uses different methods to attach their pickets to the rails.
For more details or to find out which brand, manufacturing technique, and design will work best for your yard, contact one of our specialists here at the office. We also have brochures we can email or send home with you to look through as well.