Washington gets its fair share of summer sunshine that can make sitting on a deck or patio uncomfortable. There are also some people who want privacy in their backyard from time to time but do not necessarily want to spend the money on a privacy fence. That is why an effective solution many choose are privacy screens. You can use privacy screens to block out the sun’s powerful rays on one side of your patio and give yourself some shade, or you can put up privacy screens when you have a gathering on your patio and you want to allow your guests to feel comfortable. There are a few ideas people can use to get privacy without using a fence.

One of the more beautiful privacy screen ideas often found in the Northwest is to put up a flower trellis and then allow plants to grow on them. The more popular trellis flower is the rose bush, but any flower that either grows on a vine or grows tall will look nice on a wooden trellis. The best part about using this idea is that you enhance the look of your backyard, giving yourself the privacy you need without investing in a full fence installation. There are many different trellis designs for you to choose from that will enhance your backyard landscaping.

A more direct way to get the privacy you want in your backyard without installing a fence is to use wicker outdoor privacy screens. Anyone that has ever owned outdoor wicker furniture knows how well wicker stands up to the elements. You can get wicker privacy screens in a variety of colors and some very interesting designs. When you do not need these screens, you can just store them in your garage. They can be in colors to match your home’s exterior, or you can get colors that are complimentary to your current external color scheme.

If you are feeling adventurous, then you can get a privacy screen that uses hanging plants as the screen. These are screen frames that have areas to hang plants which become the cover for your privacy. If you enjoy hanging plants and want a place to keep plants that will serve a functional purpose, then this would be the perfect idea.