If you like having a garden in your backyard or you just like to relax on your back patio, then keeping bugs and pests out of your yard is important to you. A privacy fence of at least six feet in height is important in helping you keep the critters out of your yard. There is not a lot you can do about birds and other pests with wings. But there are things that you can do with your backyard to help ensure that the bugs and pests common to the Pacific Northwest area do not intrude on your privacy and ruin your summer fun.

The northwest is known for its wet weather, which means that there tends to be spots with a lot of standing water. When it comes to attracting mosquitoes and other bugs, nothing does the job quite like puddles of standing water. The best way to prevent standing water in your yard is to have your yard rolled when it is wet to work out all of the depressions and bumps. When you do your fence installation, make sure that the area under your fence does not become a small moat that holds on to the water that runs off after a storm. Bugs will collect in that water and make your summer miserable. The more you can do to eliminate standing water, the more you will reduce your bug population.

Bugs and pests also love to make their homes in thicketed brush and tall grass. Always keep your lawn mowed to prevent bugs and pests from setting up shop in your yard. If you have space between your fence and the ground, then you either need to use a weed trimmer to get rid of the high grass under your fence or use weed and grass killer every spring. Keep the bushes and shrubs in your yard trimmed and clean to prevent pests. If you have neighbors that do not keep their yards very well, then ask them to maintain their property and explain how it can reduce the population of bugs in the area.

Pests that tunnel under fences can be the most frustrating kinds of animals to keep out of your yard. The solution to this is to make sure that your fencing goes at least 12 inches below ground level. Some people buy fencing that is a foot taller than they want to allow for the sub-terrain installation while others attach mesh fencing to the bottom of their wood privacy fence and then install the mesh 12 inches below the surface.