The winter months have come and gone and now the on and off wet days of May are upon us. Now is the time to get out in your backyard and start getting it ready for spring and summer entertaining. During the winter, things get broken while ice expands in all of the cracks and spaces of your backyard fixtures causing more damage. A spring cleaning job is something that you do on the inside and outside of your home. As you get ready to air out your house and enjoy the spring and summer weather, you need to get into the backyard and make sure that everything is ready for summer barbeques and friendly gatherings.

Winds and blowing rain can cause all kinds of damage, bring down tree branches and even move debris from one yard to another. To get your spring cleaning started, take a garbage bin out to the backyard and pick up the debris that winter has left behind. Be sure to wear gloves and be careful when you walk and reach for things. Glass, sticks and other sharp objects can get embedded in the soft ground and are difficult to see as you are picking up trash.

Your fence and deck need some inspecting as well. The fence installation consisted of concrete anchoring the posts and the deck posts were installed the same way. Before you allow anyone to walk on your deck and before the first big winds of spring arrive, you want to be certain that the posts are still structurally sound. Check around the base of the posts to see if there is any deterioration. If your fence posts are deteriorating, then the strong winds of spring will blow your fence over. If you see deterioration in your fence or deck posts, then call a contractor to come take care of the issue.

If you have a garden in the backyard, then now is the time to remove the dead plants and make room for new ones. If you have a decorative trellis in your yard that has old flowers on it, then remove the flowers and give your trellis a new coat of paint. Once spring arrives, then you can fertilize your lawn and start planting new flowers. Your spring cleaning is a time to prepare the backyard to be dazzling when the summer arrives.