If you are a dog owner you more than likely have seen you furry free-loader digging in the yard or at the base of a fence.  Dogs dig because, well, they are dogs.  They get bored, want to escape or just like to dig.  Stopping a dog from digging can be challenging and a dog that digs not only creates unsightly holes, but can create costly damage to fence, plants, lawns, etc.

There are quite a few options to choose from to keep a dog from digging under a fence.  The right solution may vary for each situation and you may want to test out a few different ones to see which works best.

Place Rocks around the Edge of the Fence

You can place rocks around the areas of the fence where the dog likes to dig.  This will make it harder for the dog to dig and once they try digging the rock they will see they are getting nowhere and stop.

Fill in the holes with rocks or dirt

Depending on your dog you can try filling in the holes with rocks or dirt.  Dirt may just encourage them to keep digging and provide constant work for you… it just depends on the dog.  You can also fill in the holes with gravel which makes it harder for the dog to dig.

Bury Wire or Fence in the Ground

Burying wire in the ground requires a bit of work but is a sure way to stop your dog from getting through a fence.  The only trouble is, it does not stop the dog from digging.  This works if you have a dog that is an escape artist and you want to stop them from getting out. Another, similar concept is to buy metal stakes that are about a foot and a half long and pound them into the ground at the base of the fence.  Consider the size of your dog and space the stakes appropriately.  This is a similar approach to burying wire but requires less digging and overall work.

Install an Electric Wire

A great solution to stop your dog from digging at the base of a fence is to install an electric wire around the perimeter.  Make sure it is low enough to the ground so that if the dog tries to dig near the fence they will get a solid shock.  No dog likes a shocking and this will stop the digging at the edge of the fence altogether.

Train Your Dog

If you have the time and knowledge, train your dog.  This is your best bet because it fixes the source of the problem and will stop your dog from digging even if you move.

Have other ideas of how to stop a dog from digging under a fence?  Please share in the comments as we would love to hear them!