Spring is officially here but for those of us in the Northwest you wouldn’t know that unless you looked at a calendar.  We are experiencing what is forecast to be an exceptionally wet spring this year which surely will lead to a busy fencing season for us when the rain subsides. This extended winter brings an increased level of moisture wreaking havoc on our already drenched properties.

When the clouds part and the rain lets is a great time to assess any damage on your property and make sure you book a time to have a professional come up and fix any damage before it gets worse. Fences are especially prone to water damage and can weaken significantly after a long and wet winter. Further, fences can act like dominoes.  When one section goes it weakens the other sections and they will tend to go soon as well.Rotten Fene Post

To inspect your fence for damage walk the fence line make sure all the fence ties are in tact and securely fastened.  Give each section of your fence a gentle shake to see if it shows any signs of weakness.   Take note of areas with an abnormally high amount off moss or algae as this is a sure sign of excessive exposure to moisture and could lead to problems in the future.

Don’t forget to take a close look at your fence posts as well.  This is the main structural area of your fence and should not be overlooked.  Inspect the base of your fence posts and make sure they do not show any signs of rot or decay.  Additionally, make sure the ground around the post isn’t overly saturated as the can weaken the fence.

After you inspect your fence you will need to decide what is worth fixing and what needs to be replaced.  Simple board repairs are usually easy and can be swapped out in a few minutes.  You can also go through your line of fence and repair any nails or screws that are coming loose.  Rotting fence posts may need to be replaced which can take more time and effort.

Depending on the amount of damage your fence has experienced over the long winter you may need to bring in a professional for more extensive repairs.  Give Fence Specialists a call today and we can help you get your fence back to where it needs to be.  (253)531-5452