When it comes to replace your old wooden fence most homeowners have it hauled away, taken to the dump or burn it.  Before you go throwing away all of that old fencing material consider these options to recycle intact material and use it around the house.

Here is a short list of ideas on what you can make out of your old wooden fence:

  • Vintage looking planter boxes
  • Birdhouses, bird feeders or  squirrel feeders
  • Garden trellises
  • Garbage container corrals
  • Old picture Frames
  • Simple retaining walls (only very small walls – consult a professional if unsure)
  • Garden Stakes
  • Vintage looking picture frames
  • Rustic looking bench
  • Mail Box

As you can see there are plenty of simple uses for an old fence and if you are creative you can come up with your own uses that are not on this list.