With spring just around the corner we figured it would be a great time to do a few write ups on ridding your yard of unwanted mold, moss and mildew.  After the long, dark and wet winter months moss tends to build up especially in neglected yards and on older fences.  Removing the moss can be a bit of a task but when equipped with the right knowledge it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Wood fences tend to accumulate a good amount of mold and moss and should be cleaned regularly to prevent unwanted build up.  It is important to remember to use solutions that won’t harm plants and landscaping when cleaning anything outdoors.  Here are a few ideas for cleaning your fence in a way that shouldn’t harm surrounding vegetation.  Of course, all yards are different so be sure to do your own research prior to employing these methods and test any surrounding plants for reactions to your solutions prior to using it in the entire yard.

  1. The safest way to clean a wooden fence is using strictly water and a scrub brush or pressure washer.  If using a pressure washer be sure you do not use one with a high PSI or you could damage your fence.  Electric pressures washers tend to be  less damaging than gas operated washers.  If you have a gas operated washer test it on the fence in an inconspicuous to see if it will damage the wood.
  2. If water isn’t enough to remove the moss try mixing a solution of ½ cup of vinegar per gallon of water.  Apply this to the moss and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then scrub and rinse off.  Baking soda also works well.
  3. Finally, if none of the above methods work you can try a strong solution such as simple green.  This is something you definitely want to test on a hidden part of the fence to see what sort of effect it will leave.  This could vary depending on the type of wood and age of the fence.  Be sure to test it and then allow about a day or two for the effects to set it.  Also be careful when applying the solution near plants as it can be harmful to vegetation.

A simple Google search will also yield a large amount of information on cleaning fences but remember that no matter the authority, it is always a good idea to test cleaning methods prior to using them on your whole fence.