Lightweight Snow ShovelsIn the northwest we get snow a few times each year, some years worse than others. Because snow is such a rare occurrence most of us don’t have the same type of equipment as those who live where it snows several months out of the year. If you are looking to invest in a snow shovel here are some basic tips on what to look for.

Consider the weight of a shovel. A snow shovel should be much lighter than a traditional dirt shovel.Ergonomic Snow Shovel The shovel head is usually some sort of composite plastic or aluminum and is very large so you can move snow easier. Additionally, you don’t need a heavy duty handle as snow is usually pushed, not shoveled.

Another thing to consider is the design of the shovel. Ergonomic shovels are now available that are easier on the back when spending hours out shoveling snow. If you are someone with back problems it is advised you look into this type of snow shovel. It may be slightly more expensive but could save you on a costly chiropractic bill in the long run.