Brrrrrrrr!!!!  Well now that winter is officially upon us, and tad bit early at that, it is a good time to make sure your house is ready for La Nina.  Here is another short list of items you may want to check over while what is sure to be the worst weather is still ahead of us.

  • Turn off exterior water and drain the pipes to reduce the chance of a burst
  • Take precautions to make sure fountains do not freeze
  • Have a shovel ready if snow decides to show up
  • Be prepared to not leave the house for several days
  • Block off the air vents in your basement if you have them.  This will keep your house warmer.

Remember, if the wind should decide to knock over your fence you can always call Fence Specialists out for a free estimate for the repair!  This is also a great time to have the old fence rebuilt.  Winter is the off season and you can have a fence built much quicker than during the busy season and might even be able to work out a good deal while you are at it!!!  Call Fence Specialists at (253)531-5452 today!