Here in the state of Washington rain is something we rarely have a shortage of. Even during the hot summer months we often will get some rain at least once every two weeks or so. With this excellent natural resource it is almost silly that we still rely on tap water to irrigate our yards. There are some great natural irrigation solutions out there and one that is becoming more and more common are rain barrels. Rain barrels are a water collection system that are typically hooked up to a home’s gutter downspouts with the intention of gathering rain water for use on plants, gardens, lawns and anything else that requires watering.

A Rain Barrel system can be a do it yourself project or you can hire someone and have them come in and perform the installation for you. It is a relatively simple concept so most people are apt to do it themselves. Here are some great resources on how to setup your own Rain Collection system at your home.

HGTV: An good online guide to making your rain barrel.

Looking to Hire someone? This Tacoma based company sells safe rain barrels and accessories to make your install easier.