When it comes to building fences for sporting applications there is a different standard in durability and function than regular fences.  If you are looking for a contractor to install an athletic fence here are a few things to consider before moving forward.

What will be the main function of the fence?  Are you going to be using it to enclose a field or will it be used as a backstop?  These are important questions because different needs can call for a different gauge of wiring.  For example, a backstop fence would use a much thicker gauged wire than a basic outfield homerun fence.  The larger gauge wire means it will take longer to wear down and will have a better chance of standing the test of time.  A homerun fence, on the contrary, sees little wear, is more of an enclosure and would not require as heavy of a gauge of wire.

Additionally there are some aesthetic offerings that can be applied to sporting fences as well.   For example, if you are enclosing a sport court that is on your property you may want to use a vinyl coated chain link fence rather than a traditional galvanized fence.   This will give your fence a cleaner and more professional look which may mesh better with your home.  Which leads us to our next topic, fence coating.

If your fence is located in an area that is constantly exposed to moisture, like here in the northwest, it is a good idea to make sure it comes with a protective coating.  Sports field fences in particular are at a higher risk for water damage because of the continuous exposure from sprinkler systems.  To prevent this you can have your chain link fence coated in aluminum prior to installation.  Be sure in inquire with your contractor about the various protective coatings that can be added to your chain link fence.  It could mean the difference between a rusty, brittle fence and a long lasting one.

If you are considering a fence for a sporting application be sure to contact us today.  We have the experience required to get the job done right and have worked on both private an municipal sporting fences.  To learn more be sure to visit our athletic and sports fence page.