Let’s face it, painting a wooden fence is one of those daunting tasks that no one looks forward to.  It is tedious, can take forever, and can turn into backbreaking work.  But regardless of all the downsides it is one of the most important things you can do to keep your fence lasting a lifetime.

Properly painting or staining your fence can seal off the wood from the dangerous elements surrounding it and can help prevent rot and decay.  The number one enemy to a wooden fence is moisture and sun and if you can keep that out of the wood then you will be able to enjoy your fence for years to come.

Here are some simple tips to make painting your fence a breeze:

  • Clean the fence thoroughly before applying any paint or stain
  • Cover any areas with a tarp that you do not want to get paint on
  • Invest in a Good Quality 3-4 inch brush and a smaller 1 inch brush (for tighter spaces)
  • Research the paint or stain you are using and make sure it can hold up to the elements in your area
  • Work on one section at a time and make sure you get the bottom and top of the fence where moisture could seep in

If you clean your fence with water beforehand, be sure to allow time for it to dry out.  The idea is to keep moisture out, not lock it in.  Another good idea is to paint your fence in moderate temperatures.  You do not want to be painting in weather that is so hot the paint dies in minutes as this will prevent it from creating a solid bond with the wood.  As always if you have questions on anything fencing related contact a professional at Fence Specialists.