Chain Link

Chain Link Fence is arguably one of the most popular types of fencing solutions available. Chain Link, sometimes referred to as “cyclone fence”, is simple in design, cost effective and extremely durable. It’s open weave structure makes chain link fence easy to see through and is a popular choice in sporting applications and general enclosures.

At Fence Specialists of Tacoma we offer custom chain link fence installations and can work with you to properly enclose any type of property or field. If you are looking for a privacy style fence we can insert plastic slats into the weaves to achieve a more private effect. We also offer a vinyl coated chain link fence that gives the material a smooth plastic feel and a cleaner look.

We Offer Customized Chain Link Fence Solutions!

We offer free estimates on our fences and would be happy to speak with you about what to expect when purchasing a fence and the various options available to you. Click the button below to setup an estimate online or call our Tacoma office at (253)531-5452.